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UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center


As a unit of UCLA Hospital System and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center is a leading tertiary-care Center, committed to the field of arrhythmias and cardiac electrophysiology.

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Patient Education

What is arrhythmia?

Any alteration in heart rate or rhythm.  The heart may beat too fast or too slow, or beat irregularly.  

What will a pacemaker do for me?

A pacemaker will ensure that your heart rate will not beat too slowly because of its inability to deliver electrical impulses when needed.

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UCLA Cardiac Arrythmia Center

The UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center is proud to be one of only four centers in California with a Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System

Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System at UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, Los Angeles, CA

The UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center is dedicated to providing its patients with state of the art care and facilities.  At the new Ronald Regan Medical Center, the six full-time cardiac electrophysiologists have access to six electrophysiology labs for cardiac ablation and device implantation procedures. Read more »

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 Cardiac Ablation

Approaching from outside rather than inside the heart, this procedure gives patients a minimally invasive alternative to heart surgery. Learn more.

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